Cushions (Classic): nylon + linen


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This dog pillow meets the highest comfort requirements of our dear four-legged friends. Inside it consists of a pillow made of antibacterial foam. This foam is very dimensionally stable, odorless and of course tested for harmful substances. The pillow is covered with linen. This makes it pleasantly soft and with its generous side edges it ensures maximum comfort with a feel-good guarantee. Even the largest four-legged friends can stretch out properly on the one meter diameter pillow (L).

The outside of the pillow is made of a very robust and hard-wearing linen fabric and is very durable because it repels water and dirt. The floor has a non-slip surface made of nylon. Thanks to the materials used, the pillow can be cleaned very easily and is washable at 30 ° C.

Material: nylon + linen, washable at 30 ° C (recommendation: wash in a laundry bag)
Dimensions: 52 x 15cm (S) to 100 x 20cm (L)
Colors: turquoise blue, silver gray, light green, burgundy

Care instructions:
Nylon and linen can be cleaned in the washing machine at 30 ° C. Since linen is a bit more sensitive, we recommend washing the product on a delicate or wool cycle and in a laundry bag. If you haven't washed the product for a long time, we recommend professional cleaning, as should also be done with your children's soft toys: First remove the pillow and then place the cover in the freezer for 48 hours to avoid mites kill in the tissue. You can either bag it or simply expose it to the cold. After two days, put it in the washing machine and clean it thoroughly on the delicate or wool cycle without spinning. You can either dry the product conventionally or in the dryer. Make sure it dries completely to prevent mold.