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Short leash (Classic): round design, full cowhide + brass


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If you want to leave your dog leash at home, use this short leash. This allows you to guide your dog closely without having to grab the collar directly. This is particularly suitable for the city center or public transport, where you want to keep your dog at a short distance from the busy traffic. Thanks to the rounded design, the leash lies comfortably in the hand at all times. The leash also has an additional ring on the loop. You can use it to tie the leash and hang it over your shoulder. So you have both hands free when you let your dog off the leash.

The leash is made of real, soft full cowhide and lies comfortably in the hand thanks to the padded loop. The seams are robust and sealed for long lasting value. Bolt carabiners and fastening eyes made of gold-colored brass are firmly incorporated into the leash.

short leash
material: genuine cowhide, padded loop
dimensions: length: 1m, width 0.8 / 1.0cm
colors: black , chocolate brown, light brown

bolt carabiner
material: brass
dimensions: length 6cm, width 2cm, thickness 5mm
weight: 40g

Permissible dog weight: 25-60kg

Care instructions:
Due to the constantly changing weather conditions and the associated direct contact with the fur, the collars and leashes are extremely stressed. In order to reduce the stress on the material and to prevent wear and tear, we recommend that you regularly clean and care for our products. Colorless leather grease or leather foam is ideal for this.


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