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Retriever leash (training): pull stop, hand-rolled full cowhide + brass


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Our training series is specially designed to train your retriever on a leash. The principle is simple: when the dog pulls, the neck piece tightens. Puppies can be trained to be leashed so that they don't pull too hard or run ahead later. The range is also suitable for problem dogs to get rid of leash aggression. The pull stop behind the lock ring prevents your retriever from pulling too hard on the leash. The neck piece is infinitely adjustable and can thus be adapted to the growth of the dog.

The retriever leash is made of genuine cowhide and is therefore comfortable to wear. The leather was rolled by hand and is therefore extremely solid. The seams are robust and can withstand strong pulls. In addition, the seams were sealed to guarantee the leash a long service life. The leash has a hypoallergenic filling made of siliconized hollow fibers. The lock ring made of gold-colored brass is firmly incorporated into the leash.

material: genuine cowhide, hand-rolled
dimensions: neck circumference 20-45cm, length 1.50m, width 1.0cm / 1.5cm
Colors: black, light brown, chocolate brown

Lock ring
Material: brass

Permissible dog weight: approx. 5-30kg

Care instructions:
Due to the constantly changing weather conditions and the associated direct contact with the fur, the collars and leashes are extremely stressed. In order to reduce the stress on the material and to prevent wear and tear, we recommend that you regularly clean and care for our products. Colorless leather grease or leather foam is ideal for this.