Set collar & leash (design): multi-function, polyester + nickel silver


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You have the greatest possible flexibility with this set of collar and variably adjustable leash. The length of the leash can be quickly adjusted as required using the eyelet. Thanks to two carabiners, you can lead two dogs at the same time or attach the leash to a hydrant, bike stand, etc. You can also carry the leash casually over your shoulder and lead your dog hands-free (see info graphic).

Collar & leash are made of durable polyester. This makes them extremely insensitive to dirt, which can be easily wiped off. The polyester is tightly woven and therefore scratch and abrasion resistant. In addition, it is hardly stretchable, so the product remains robust and dimensionally stable over a long period of time. The seams are robustly processed, withstand strong tension and have been additionally sealed for a long service life. Bolt carabiners and fastening eyelets are made of nickel silver with an antimicrobial effect and are firmly incorporated into the leash.

collar & leash
material: polyester, washable at 40 ° C (recommendation: wash in a laundry bag)
colors: beige, blue
collar: neck circumference 22-35cm (XS) to 40-63cm (L), width 2.5cm
leash: length 1.9m, width 2.5cm, variably adjustable

carabiner / eyelet
material: nickel silver , corrosion-resistant + antimicrobial
Dimensions: length 7cm, width 2.5cm, thickness 8mm
Weight: 40g
Permissible dog weight: 25-60kg

Care instructions: Due to the constantly changing weather conditions and the associated direct contact with the fur, the collars and leashes are extremely stressed. In order to reduce the stress on the material and to prevent wear and tear, we recommend that you regularly clean and care for our products. Polyester can be cleaned in the washing machine at 40 ° C. We recommend washing the product in a laundry bag on the delicate cycle.


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